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IT Support: How to save time and money by using Westtek

By Francis West on 13th September 2018
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Time and tide wait for no man. Are you doing your bit to save some time? In this video, Francis, CEO of Westtek IT Support Solutions Ltd. shares some interesting hacks to help you save valuable time and money.

What can your team do with extra 2 hours per week? That is approximately 96 hours or 4 days a year. Time is beyond our control, and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we lead our lives. Buteverybody dreams and aspires to save time in a way to help and improve their quality of life. That's how much time Westtesk's IT Support saves time for clients and staff every year. This, in turn, aids you to communicate better with your clients understanding them and spending more time on other activities. Here are top 3 ways to save time and money.

1) Automated Mondays:

One prospective way to save time is by using every Monday night for automating and cleaning all the machines, PCs, and maintaining the systems well. This simple step has helped to reduce IT support calls up to 86% in the first three months of practice.

2) Clean up and do your updates late at night:

Another simple step to be adopted is doing the maintenance, reboots, and updates on the PCs from 11 at night to 6 in the morning. This helps to double the life cycle of the systems. Additionally, you save time and money.

3) Learn tips and tricks:

Fun Fact: Did You know 40% of work you do is the repetition of what you have done on the previous day?

This accounts for nearly half the work you do in a day. Repeating things helps you speed up. What if you know tricks to cut that time even shorter, giving you more time to focus on other productive activities? It's a huge relief and sounds smart!

That's how Westtek helps you by conducting special workshops which guide every employee to save at least 15 mins per day. In addition to the above, a video is sent every Tuesday morning to remind you to save time, as in the end, you are essential.

Probably by now, you must have planned on what to do for those extra four days that you get. So get on the phone and make these four days into reality with the help of Westtek.