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How Westtek helped 10 Recruitment Agencies to achieve their Target

By Francis West on 18th September 2018
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At Westtek, we specialist in helping recruitment businesses to save at least £1,589 per employee every year.

As a leading IT Support Services company, we strive to protect confidential data against cyber attacks, massively improve IT uptime, double the effective lifespan of computers and reduce IT support calls by 86% in the first three months.

These aren’t just fancy numbers – they’re true facts recently recorded by the company. So here are a few examples of how Westtek has enabled recruitment organisations scale up in the industry with their Managed Support Services.

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  • Candidate CVs can sometimes give you terrible headaches

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Have you ever encountered a situation where you are about to sign a contract with a client (employer and candidate) and they keep sending the contract back to you for revisions?

One frustrated client came to Westtek for help. Our expert advice? We  recommended the use of a cloud based solution such so they could share each other’s screens and get the revisions made instantly. That way, the process remains transparent, both sides are on the same page with respect to terms and conditions applied, and the cherry on the cake is that your valuable time is saved for driving more business.

  • A slow CRM can often slow down your recruitment business

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Just imagine, you have another board meeting and your staff didn’t meet their targets.

The most common reason for this is slow and faulty CRM systems, a major reason across the world for low productivity in the recruitment industry. Candidate and employer data is all stored in different systems, and a slow CRM results in loss of valuable time and productivity.

For a client in the recruitment sector, Westtek identified this loophole in the system and fixed it in the most efficient way. There are almost 860 CRM systems in the market. How could they identify the best fit for their business? Which system would best suit their needs and requirements?

Our experts offered their intuitive recommendations for the most impeccable CRM – and it worked wonders. The client not only saw an increase in sales but also experienced an improvement in productivity and efficiency. 

  • Reliable cloud solutions can speed up your recruitment tasks

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Traditionally, recruitment tasks were handled via email. Maintaining candidate records, employer details, contracts and other documents used to take up a huge amount of space on your systems, slowing them down and eventually slowing down your processes too.

A UK-based recruitment consultancy came to us with this problem and our IT recruitment specialists suggested a simple and secure way to manage this difficulty.

The answer was to move their inventories to a secure and robust cloud-based system. This way, they saved their system space and also increased the speed of their systems and processes. This solution boosted their sales up to three times.

  • LinkedIn profiles can be searched quicker and more discreetly

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Small businesses tap social media channels such as LinkedIn for resources. However, it can be cumbersome to look for the right candidate from a pool of profiles that there is on an open-source platform.

Westtek came up with a great way to scout for desired profiles in a faster and more discreet manner - a really powerful tool called Recruit’em simplifies this Herculean task for you.

Why search LinkedIn with RecruitEm? Here are a few features that will persuade you to give it a try:

  • More than 100 results
  • See out of network connections
  • Search by education and employer
  • No registration
  • Completely free
  • Effective use of Office 365 in your recruitment processes

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Westtek is one of the leading Office 365 providers in UK. Office 365 gives your organisation the ability to optimise your resources and organise your tasks efficiently.

Our recommendations with respect to apt protocols that suit your IT needs and other support services can greatly boost your sales and also elevate your working standards. We’ve helped many clients with Office 365 solutions that have worked well for them and helped them grow further in the recruitment industry.

  • Powerful Accountancy tools can boost your productivity

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Invoices and balance sheets can often drive you nuts. How can you manage to maintain all your accounts in an organised manner? Is there an easier way to keep track of all financial documents without any vulnerabilities?

Westtek offers a great solution to this. Quickbooks or Xero provide excellent features for your company to maintain all your accounting details in one place without any hassles. This will enhance your organisation’s productivity and boost your sales in turn.

Here are several short client videos where our customers talk about how they, as recruitment consultancies, have benefited from Westtek’s IT Support partnership.

  • BLT - Indirect Tax Recruitment Consultancy

Liz Watt and her team BLT specialise in recruiting top talent in e-learning, technology and creative & marketing. She shares her reasons for using Westtek IT Support Services to help them succeed in their business.


  • Venturi - IT Recruitment Consultancy

Brad Lamb from Venturi tells why he’s used Westtek IT Support Services for many years now. He recommends you to call Westtek for your IT Support and Security requirements.

  • Instinct - Digital Staffing Recruitment Business

Mike Ward and his team Instinct specialise in recruiting world-class talent in digital technology and marketing. He shares in this short video his experiences after asking Westtek IT Support Services to help them succeed in their business in Manchester.


  • Focus Select - IT Recruitment Organisation

Ross White from Focus Select tells how Westtek IT Support Services has been an extremely resourceful supplier in the IT recruitment sector. He shares his pleasant experiences of working closely with the team of experts at Westtek to solve many of their IT Support issues.

These are great testimonies, proving that Westtek provides best-in-class IT support services to recruitment organisations, helping them to lead in their domain.

Does your company need something similar to kickstart your projects? Get in touch with our team hereand we’ll take it forward for you.