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GDPR Security Audit

By Francis West on 27th September 2018
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In this precise video, Francis, CEO of WESTTEK IT Support Services Ltd. talks about how data breach is one of the most dangerous reasons to lose personal information and money.

Here’s an elaborate discussion about what Francis has to say to his audience through this video -

Let’s take a simple example to understand the importance of data breach and how it may impact your business. A recruitment agency experiences a breach that accidentally reveals information regarding candidate records. This may have a significant impact on the affected individuals because of the sensitivity of the data and their confidential professional and personal details becoming known to others. This information may be used in a fraudulent manner and encroach upon the privacy of individual data. How would it feel if you fell prey to such an unprecedented attack?

Here are some facts to understand the effect of cyber attacks.

  • 1.4 Billion Euros are lost each year, due to Cyber-related theft
  • Confidential data of more than 60% companies have been compromised
  • It takes more than 230 days before you realise that you are compromised
  • Passwords and Credit Card details are left open with less security which is highly risky
  • 2% - 4% of annual global turnover will be the fine in case of non-compliance with GDPR norms.

That does not sound good. Does it? So, here’s a quick checklist to ensure that your systems are secure and protected from malicious activities -

  • Are backups of business-critical data done regularly?
  • Do you perform an IT Security Audit?
  • If yes, then how often do you perform the audit in a year?
  • Do you Anti-virus software running on all of your platforms including desktops, laptops, servers and workstations?
  • Are your email servers configured to check all the incoming and outgoing mails for viruses, trojan horses, spams and other possible threats?
  • Is there a process in place to ensure that inventory for all computer equipment is maintained for accuracy and currency?
  • Is there a process in place to ensure that software inventory is maintained for accuracy and currency?
  • Is an authorised software list maintained to make users aware of the fact that they can only install those applications that are included in the list?
  • Is there an automated alerting process that is initiated when defined security thresholds are exceeded?
  • Do your system passwords expire periodically?

To perform a deeper IT Security Audit, how about you get in touch with an expert at Westtek and ensure that you secure your IT systems from a breach and also avoid incurring huge fines due to GDPR non-compliance.