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5 Tricks to Achieve the Best Results in Recruitment IT Support

By Francis West on 12th October 2018
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How’s your IT support these days? Chances are, you’re outsourcing it to make sure you get the best solution at the least cost – but what’s the best way to do that?

Time is crucial in any recruitment process. So if you want best results when seeking IT support, you need to focus on saving time, speeding up the process – and you might appreciate these 5 tricks to can achieve best results in Recruitment IT support.


1.Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud recruitment technology can work for big or small businesses, because it’s since it is quick, cost-effective and easy to update.

With cloud technology, recruitment can be carried out any time and anywhere. It can track applications, generate reports and understand the needs of the business by analysing the candidates. In other words, it’s a perfect solution for a robust recruitment process that helps in these ways:

  • It uses all aspects of different networks to reach out to a large pool of candidates. With the help of AI and machine learning, it interacts with potential candidates to find those that best meet the requirement.
  • It speeds up the recruitment process by automating initial screening.
  • With the cloud-based solution, a database can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, even via a smartphone or laptop.
  • Cloud technology stores data is stored in one place which makes security much more convenient.
  • It keeps candidates engaged by empowering them to build and maintain a high-quality profile and CV.
  • The technology communicates with the candidates, making it easily for the recruiter to keep track.


2.Security Audit is essential

One of the major data breaches of 2017 was caused by poor internal security practices such as improper database management or end-user error.

But there are still many businesses who are not aware that they have passwords lying around or badly-secured information, which makes a security audit is essential. After GDPR is enforced, unprotected data will incur a fine of 2%-4% of annual turnover.

Your company needs the following security activities: 

  • Annual audits to establish a security baseline where progress and effectiveness of audit team can be measured.
  • Audit teams who know your objectives clearly
  • An external auditor rather than relying the internal auditor. Look out for an audit team which has real security experience
  • Involves business and IT managers from the start
  • Auditors who not only adhere to checklists but go in deep based on their instincts
  • Audit reports containing all your organisation’s risks.

Westtek security audits do not affect the day-to-day running of your business. We normally use our advanced software to run a scan and generate a comprehensive report which is easily understood by all your key stakeholders so they can make informed decisions.


3.Avoid Data Breach

Companies know they need to keep personal data secure and restrict access in case of data protection. GDPR is going to be implemented in 2018 to strengthen and unify data protection for individuals in the EU, and it will affect all recruitment business and technology companies. GDPR will affect the recruitment process in following ways:

  • You need to have a record that the candidate is willing o provide the data and where the data is coming from
  • Data needs to be up-to-date and accurate
  • The privacy policy needs to be up-to-date and candidates should be aware of tit
  • Need to understand how third parties will use the data and maintain an audit trail to show how CVs are brought in.
  • If there are more than 250 employees, companies will need a data protection officer.
  • Old unwanted data must be deleted
  • Candidates have a right to ask for human input if companies are using automation for screening.
  • If companies become aware of a breach, they must report it within 72 hours under GDPR.
  • So  companies will require additional support and solutions from third parties to avoid a data breach.


4.Right CRM is important

There are 860 CRM systems to choose from, so businesses require an IT support partner to provide the best recommendation by understanding the business’ requirements. Choosing the right CRM can benefit recruitment in following ways:

  • It can bridge the gap between sales and recruiting and understand the client’s changing needs.
  • The team can access data any time and anywhere and create a strong relationship with the customer
  • Many recruitment CRMs reduce complex relationships into simple records and help streamline the sales process
  • Better reports are generated, resulting in better outcomes.


 5.Microsoft office 365 is powerful

HR Management in Microsoft office 365 is the perfect platform for all recruitment and HR solutions.

It includes features such as personal recruiting, staff administration, talent management, employee self-service, time management and reporting. It can be accessed with Outlook, web browser, notebook, iPad, tablet and smartphones.

HR can post open placements from outlook to website since it can be easily integrated with the website. Moreover, applications of candidates automatically come into Outlook. Westtek helps its clients to make a seamless transition to Office 365.

* This is just a sneak peek into how Westtek can help you achieve great results in Recruitment IT Support – there’s also a lot more to offer if you are interested. We’d love to chat with you about it –  contact our team of techies here and see how we can collaborate for greater things.