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Francis West & Wayne Barclay discuss Cybersecurity Risks Facing Recruiters

By Francis West on 4th September 2019
Filed under: Security

Recently, Westtek CEO, Francis West, was invited to take part in a podcast with Wayne Barclay of Barclay Jones to discuss the key cyber risks facing recruiters today.

Did you know.....

  • .... every 4 seconds, a new version of ransomware is created - ransomware encrypts your files and systems locking you out until you pay the ransom for the key to unlock them. Sometimes though, the key doesn't work.
  • .... in the first quarter of 2019, McAfee Labs detected 504 new cyber threats per minute
  • .... you are 9 times more likely to be a victim of cyber-attack than burglary (Hiscox Insurance)
  • .... in 2018, 64% of all cyberattack happened to small businesses

Recruitment agency computer systems are a WEALTH of information.

Recruiters make tempting targets because not only do they hold all identifying information on their candidates (name, address, email, date of birth, NI number, and possibly even bank details if they're temps!) but also key information on their suppliers and their clients. 

If you want to grow & protect your agency, listen to this 25-minute podcast!

Key points they cover:

  • * What does cybersecurity really mean
  • * How the cyber threat has evolved
  • * Why your standard security protocols are no longer sufficient to protect you
  • * WiFi connected devices and the threat they pose to your systems
  • * How you can protect yourself from unknown threats as well as the known threats
  • * What risks / bad practices does Francis see in recruitment businesses?
  • * What is the biggest cybersecurity risk for the Recruitment sector
  • * Francis's top security tips recruiters can put in place today


Listen to the podcast