A Refined Approach

We at Westtek have refined our approach over many years, bringing significant change to the traditional break/fix mindset of delivering support.  We do this by:

  • Redefining IT Support through preventative automation, innovation, value and best industry practice;
  • Prioritising business requirements, using technology as the enabler, making your business more effective;
  • Maximising your investment in IT and business growth through the use of appropriate systems, tools and applications;
  • Increasing systems availability, improving your productivity and reducing support calls by 86%.

We constantly track and assess developments and innovation in business technologies. That way we can recommend the most appropriate upgrades and enhancements to your infrastructure and systems.

That's the Westtek difference.  You will experience faster, more reliable systems, seeing up to 86% reduction in support calls within the first three months of working with us. Westtek will give you the confidence that your employees are concentrating on productive work, not constantly seeking help in how to use IT.

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Asked Questions

Some of the questions we are asked on a regular basis.

Client Support Take On

Westtek follows a very strict client Take On process to ensure the systems are fit for purpose and to set up all our maintenance routines. Once the Take On is complete, we will go over all our findings and subsequent recommendations with the new client, advising of any deficiencies and improvements that can be made. We typically divide the recommendations into Immediate, Medium and Long Term, with some recommendations required for the systems to continue functioning.

Our process is shown below.

  • Discover

    We investigate the environment to ensure we are offering the correct services and to determine if there is anything that needs to be updated, changed, repaired or replaced in order to keep your systems running smoothly.

  • Clean

    We clean up all unnecessary applications and remove temporary system data to make your systems run as fast as possible, reducing complexity and potential for failures.

  • Optimise

    We will optimise the core systems, simplifying them where possible, increasing reliability, boot up times and speed of use.

  • Document

    We document all the system configurations and share this with you so you have full access to your critical systems information.  We also make recommendations for current and future improvements.

  • Educate

    We will review the systems and findings with you, making sure you understand our processes, systems and recommendations, which will deliver value to your business.

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Project Delivery

Westtek delivers all our projects according to a tried and tested PRINCE2 based methodology. This ensures the client gets exactly the right solution for their need’s and budget. Our fixed price model suits clients that don’t can’t afford the risk of Time and Materials projects. Our 6 Stage process is shown to the right:

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  • Stage

    We discuss the clients requirements in depth, reviewing options and then document the final set of requirements, to be used later for project sign off.

    We consider applications, access, integration, security, change control as well as Disaster Recovery, phased approaches and of course the budget during this process.

  • Stage

    We investigate the environment thoroughly with particular focus on the elements highlighted in the requirements.  This gives us the information needed to perform a gap analysis.

  • Stage

    Once the gap analysis is complete, we evaluate and decide on the best solution based on requirements, designing and costing it accordingly.  Once we have completed these 3 stages, we will fix the price of the project.  This has benefits to the client in terms of budget and risk.

  • Stage

    Build & Test
    This is typically the longest stage in the process as it involves building the systems and performing any tests necessary to ensure the final solution will work.

  • Stage

    We will implement the tested solution into your production environment with the minimum of disruption.

  • Stage

    Hand Over
    We finalise the documentation updates and hand over the final solution to the client, offering post project support and high level training on how to use the systems.