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5 reasons to hire an IT Security consultant today

By Francis West on 10th August 2018
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Are you unsure of whether your business needs an IT Security Consultant? It is your lucky day today!This article will give compelling reasons to hire an IT Security Consultant to manage all your IT Security needs in addition to providing some excellent perks to your business.

Hackers are on the prowl, and the cyber world is getting more unsafe by the day. A data breach may be least expected, but when it hits your business, there’s a lot at stake that you might lose. Hackers are updating their knowledge base with smarter and trickier tactics. Don’t you feel the solutions to these hacks need to get smarter too? Is your business ready to handle these high-tech issues in the most optimum manner? That’s the question that you need to ask yourself before thinking of hiring an IT Security Consultant.

If that still fails to answer the golden question, here are five good reasons that are strong enough to change your mind.

1.Do you have the experience that they have?

Many organisations expect their IT staff to know everything about IT related issues. However, it takes a unique skill set to understand IT Security and to address problems that occur due to it. A dedicated consultant will be able to solve complicated security hassles with utmost ease and finesse. He/she will have the intuitive streak to detect and decode potential cyber attacks and vulnerabilities in your systems in an immaculate manner. Security parameters have several loopholes that only an expert and experienced consultant can see. Software and hardware issues may be too overwhelming for an inexperienced person to tackle. But, an experienced IT security partner can smoothly manage all these aspects efficiently.

2.Do you have the time to track and target security parameters round the clock?

There are plenty of tasks that you may be undertaking. In addition to all those tasks, does your schedule offer the bandwidth continuously keep an eye on all your systems for security threats? One small error may cost you a considerable sum of money, an irreversible loss of valuable data and a huge impact on your brand. Cyber threats do not come with an announcement. And thus, there must be a dedicated team to monitor all the systems continually and detect possible vulnerabilities and attacks beforehand. If your current IT team is not ready for such a challenge, then it is best to hire an expert to do the job for you. Think about it; you’re going to only have more time on hand to expand your business further. Now that doesn’t sound that bad, does it?

3.Do you have subject expertise that an IT Security consultant has?

Dynamic threat detection, an automatic intimation of possible vulnerabilities, robust data security, backup management, hardware maintenance, seamless managed connectivity and cloud solutions are just some of the critical parameters of IT Security. Does your IT staff have all the infrastructure to handle so many services at the same time? Let us take a simple example to understand this better. We are all aware that every business needs to install a suitable firewall to protect their systems from unprecedented data breaches. However, there are plenty of firewalls that are available on the market. How can you identify the most impeccable one for your organisation? That’s where an experienced IT Security consultant can provide his expertise and protect your systems in a better way.

4.Do you know how to detect a cyber threat and report it immediately?

Detection of a cyber attack, on an average, takes about 143 days. However, with a dedicated IT Security Consultant and the right softwares implemented, it can be shortened to just two days. Just imagine the amount of data that can be saved if you had a consultant already! While it takes only seconds to lose valuable information, it may take a lifetime to retrieve the lost data and trust of clients. With speed and precision, an IT Security consultant is your best bet to stay ahead in the game.

5.Do your employees know what to do in case of a cyber attack?

In case of a data breach, are your employees equipped to handle a crisis and act accordingly? Systems need to be completely formatted; passwords must be reset immediately, external devices need to be checked for viruses, firewall and malware must be appropriately monitored among so many other tasks that need to be performed in case of a cyber attack. With other operational functions in hand, it may become tedious for employees to manage security processes as well. In the interest of your employees, it is advised to hire an IT Security consultant who can handle all these complexities conveniently.

If your answer to the above questions is NO, then you ought to get on board a trustworthy IT Security consultant right away! This will encourage more time and money for you to focus on growing your business, while the experts take care of your IT security. If you are finding it difficult to manage your IT hassles, get in touch with our team of experts who will guide you to protect your systems and data.