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Problem with your recruitment tech? Speak to our support engineers - No bot, only engineers.

By Francis West on 9th August 2018

This article will give you a brief overview about how WESTTEK’s IT Support solutions aid recruitment companies in handling their technical hassles. In this era of automated chat bots, discover how does WESTTEK manage to provide a personalized touch in the form of dedicated engineers who have complete knowledge of the industry.

"Time spent on hiring is time well spent."

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Recruitment nowadays has its styles and methods. A few are adopting brainstorming techniques, and a few others are inclined towards a traditional well-defined procedure. At the end of a recruitment drive, you get new hires on board. One off screen player is aiding you throughout, and he is the recruitment tech. In case of a fairy tale, you will not have a problem but in reality, what if a problem does arise? If you have issues with your recruitment tech, you talk to the IT Support partner to fix them straight-away. However, how comfortable are you talking to programmed chat bots, as opposed to human beings?

We do understand that the bots are not humanoid enough. It has its array of problems and incomplete protocols. It cannot comprehend the context entirely. But you have a problem to solve. What to do? That's where we at Westtek provide you support engineers. They are human and can solve the problems that arise with the recruitment tech. Be it tools or techniques their expertise in the subject will give you a refreshing look and the help you need.

What's more, our team is equipped to guide you with techniques which -

  1. Help you hire quickly (by providing you with the best IT Support services and offer more time for you to focus on your business)
  2. Reduce the cost to a great extent (Finding the method which works for you)
  3. Diversify your recruitment drive with a blind hire program.
  4. Help you build a strong employee brand

What if advising on recruitment is your line of work, and still a few components of the software you work with merely is greek and latin.

No fear! Our team is well aware that companies utilise their potential to meet short-term hiring needs or directly to hire for a specialised or an executive role. But to aid is human and that's why we at Westtek are here. For starters here are a few tools that our experts suggest to help you simplify your job:

  1. Building a checklist for standard processes that help you save time and glides you through the recruitment process
  2. Using email templates for standard mails that you might be sending
  3. Investing in a Video recruitment software to help you hire remote candidates

Doesn’t that sound great? What more are you waiting for? Say no to bots and start talking to our support Engineers! Reach out to us in case of messy internet connections, faulty systems, data breaches, vulnerable data on cloud, slow and insecure recruitment processes or just a simple password error. We’re here to help and fix your issues.