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Three ways cloud computing can help recruitment professionals get ahead of the competition

By Francis West on 15th August 2014

Recruitment professionals like you know that recruitment is a fast-moving and competitive industry.

When you’re looking for new ways to help your business succeed, you’re probably tempted to think first about how you work with your clients and how good your recruitment consultants are at their jobs. However, getting ahead of the competition is often as much about responding quickly as it is about delivering excellent service.

If your IT systems are hosted in the cloud, here are three ways in which you can work faster and maybe also gain that competitive advantage you’re looking for.

First, get ahead of other recruitment consultancies by accessing information faster

Recruitment consultants, researchers and resourcing specialists working for you need to access information quickly when they’re trying to match your clients’ requirements with the candidates on your database.

If you store your candidates’ information in the cloud, you will have a single repository for all relevant information. Your staff will be able to access that store of material from anywhere. They won’t need to return to the office to get CVs.  They won’t make mistakes because some of your most important information is on your office’s server and some of it is on a laptop – somewhere. They won’t waste time looking in several places for information just to be sure they don’t miss anything. 

They’ll be able to go to one location to check which candidates you have available. That will save your business a lot of time.

Second, get ahead of other recruitment consultancies by accessing the right information quickly

Document control and version control are nightmares in any business where information arrives from lots of different places and is filed by lots of different people in lots of different locations.

If you store information in a cloud-based system, you’ll be able to make sure that records uploaded are all correctly dated, and that the most up-to-date information can be found quickly. Labelling records carefully means every one will be able to spot the right documents easily. Every one will be able to download the right documents and every one will be using the most relevant information. Give your staff access to the best information and they’ll do a better job for you.

Finally, get ahead of other recruitment consultancies by being more responsive

When you’re able to access the right information to meet your clients’ requirements quickly and with less hassle, you’re already well on the way to getting ahead of the competition. 

Imagine the situation.  A client briefs one of your consultants about a role he or she wishes to fill. That client is not yet ready to give you an exclusive contract, so you know that one, or more, of your competitors is also looking to fill the vacancy.

Your consultant sends the specification back to your office. Since you use cloud-based IT systems, your office staff can start matching your candidates to the client’s job requirements without delay and in an efficient manner. You could find that your consultant has a range of good candidates to put in front of the client very quickly. That’s demonstrating responsiveness. It’s also demonstrating how cloud computing actively supports you and your business.

Cloud computing and recruitment professionals

Behind the scenes support in any business should remain just that: behind the scenes. Your recruitment consultants should never need to think too much about how your cloud-based IT systems help them to do their jobs. They just need to be confident that your IT systems deliver what they want when they need it.

If you want your recruitment consultancy to get ahead, and stay ahead, of the competition, cloud-based IT solutions could give you the advantage you’ve been looking for. 

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