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Recruitment professionals take note! Your candidates’ CVs are safer in the cloud.

By Francis West on 29th August 2014

As a recruitment professional you know you need good quality candidates.  Yet, how often do you think about the security of your candidates’ CVs?  How often do you think about the damage it could do to your business, if those CVs were lost, stolen or misplaced?

Storing your important documents in the cloud is an option to consider because keeping sensitive data, such as candidates’ CVs, on computers in your office may be less secure than you think.  Here’s why.

Cloud-based IT systems are more secure than office-based IT systems

If yours is a typical office, then some of your staff will be a bit careless about IT security, at least when it comes to their computer passwords.  Most people choose simple, and insecure, passwords such as “password” or “1234567”.  Alternatively they use their birthdays or the names friends or loved ones as their passwords. Of course, you can exhort your staff to be more security conscious, but in a busy office some people will always forget.

If your candidates’ CVs are stored in the cloud, your staff will have to choose better passwords. The cloud storage system will require them to do so.  It will tell them if their passwords are weak and encourage them to make them stronger. Your supplier of cloud storage will also prompt your staff to change their passwords regularly.

Strong passwords mean that your IT systems are less accessible to hackers and opportunist thieves. Cloud-based storage can help you to be more confident that no one is being irresponsible about computer security.  That’s good news for your business.

Cloud-based IT systems let you know who’s accessing your data

Does anyone but you and your staff have access to your candidates’ CVs?  An unattended laptop, a lost or stolen tablet computer or a break-in at your office or at a staff member’s home could mean that your business’s security is breached, and you’ll struggle to be sure if confidential documents have fallen into the wrong hands.

You’ll be more likely to know what’s happening, if you use a cloud-based storage system for your data. You can interrogate cloud-based systems to find out who was logged into your system, from which device, when and for how long. You can also find out what the people who accessed your system did whilst logged in. A staff member may be downloading CVs at 3 am in the morning from a laptop that someone thought he had misplaced. Then again, he might not.

Your supplier of cloud storage services will be able keep you informed about how your system is being used, so that you’ll know how serious that breach of security really is. This knowledge will also help you to decide what you need to do to rectify matters.

You’ll have fewer disasters with cloud-based IT systems

The accepted wisdom is that there are two sorts of businesses: those who have had IT disasters, and those who will have IT disasters.

As you know, the IT disaster is every business owner’s nightmare.  How would you feel if the hard disk on your most important computer stopped working? What would you do if something went wrong with your server and a whole office had to stop work?  How would you react if someone deleted a series of vital files and then lost the back-ups, or found that there weren’t any back-ups?

If you’re using cloud-based IT systems, you’ll have remote back-ups of all your work. When things go wrong in your office, you’ll be able to access those back-ups quickly. There will be little – if any – lost data.  Those valuable candidate CVs will be there waiting for you and your staff to access and use.  You won’t have to ask your candidates to send additional copies of their CVs.  That means you won’t have to remember how you recast their career histories to fit your house style either.

Cloud computing will save you a lot of time, money and stress when disaster strikes. It could mean that the disaster isn’t really a disaster after all. It’s just an annoyance, and annoyances can be dealt with.

Using the cloud could bring the best candidates to you

In recruitment every one wants information quickly.  Your candidates will only get those new positions they’re after, if you’re able to put their CVs in front of your clients in a timely manner.

Being able to demonstrate to candidates that your IT systems work to their advantage, as well as to yours, could encourage the best people to register with you rather than with your competitors.

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