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The Smart Recruiter’s Guide to Cloud Computing

By Francis West on 23rd May 2014

Lots of businesses are moving, or thinking about moving, to the cloud. When you do this, you will find there are numerous options. There are also plenty of suppliers of cloud computing applications to choose from.

Make sure you know what you want from your cloud computing before you make a big investment in time or money.  Ask your supplier of cloud computing services lots of questions, including the ones below, before you make your decision.

Smart questions about cloud computing

If you’re a smart recruiter, you will ask your IT support company to answer the following:

  1. Why is cloud computing a good idea for us?
  2. How will cloud computing benefit our recruitment agency?
  3. Will we have better access to our data, if we use the cloud?
  4. Will we fall foul of any data protection regulations, if we move to the cloud?
  5. Will there be additional problems with IT security, if we move to the cloud?

Expect to receive answers, but expect to be asked questions, too.

For example, do you want to move everything to the cloud? In such an instance not only your data but your software applications will be cloud-based. Thus, without internet access, your computers will not function because your complete IT system is cloud-based. Alternatively, would you prefer the sort of solution where you have local and cloud-based versions of your software and your data, so that your staff can work whether they have ongoing internet access or not.

Expect to receive answers to questions which are specific to your industry, too. In our experience recruiters always ask questions about cloud computing and IT security. Recruiters want to know if they will meet their data protection obligations when using cloud-based IT systems.

In the case of Westtek we have a full and complete answer. All of our cloud-based solutions comply fully with data protection requirements. We can explain where data is stored, how it is stored and by whom it can be accessed.  We have taken care to make sure we can deal with the specific questions that recruiters ask.

Tailored cloud computing solutions

Cloud computing isn’t just a single solution. It encompasses many different options.  That means it is important to talk to your IT support company before you commit to a cloud based option about the detail of what you want to achieve.

When you work with us we will talk to you about the costs and how things can be achieved technically, but more importantly we will make sure that the solution we propose meets your business needs.  You will get more out of your cloud-based applications, if they are tailored to address the things that are important to you.  Making sure this is the sort of cloud-based IT system you get is important to us.

If you ask us the questions above, we will answer them.  However, don’t be surprised, when we ask you more questions. Your answers will help us to be confident that the solutions we eventually suggest are the right ones. 

Therefore, be a smart recruiter.  Work with a supplier of IT support who asks you lots of questions about your cloud computing needs and aspirations before offering a solution.

Want to know more?

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