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How Professional IT Back Up Helps Your Business To Succeed

By Francis West on 9th May 2014

Most businesses see IT back up as a chore.  It’s a nuisance.  It is something that needs doing, but it gets in the way of more important tasks, so it often gets ignored. 

Here at Westtek we know how dangerous such an approach can be.  We know the risks businesses run when they fail to create, and then implement, a robust backup plan.  We know how much it can cost a business, if it fails to back up its important data.

There are lots of ways in which a good IT backup regime adds value to a business.  Here are three ways in which the backup plans that we implement can help you to succeed.

1 – Your data is backed up

Without an IT support company to remind you, you might not remember to back up your data regularly. You might have the best intentions, but you don’t take action. It doesn’t take long to work out how much it might cost you, if you found you had lost some important information because you didn’t back up your IT system and you can’t find the memory stick containing the original material.

When you work with us we will ensure everything is backed up regularly.

We know all about full back ups, where your complete IT system is backed up, incremental back ups, where just the new material is backed up and differential back ups, where the data that is different from previous data is backed up. 

We will deal with all the different sorts of back up for you. All you need to remember is that your data has been backed up professionally.

2 – You can retrieve your data

Some businesses back up their data and believe they are doing things correctly, until they come to retrieve their information.  Then, they may struggle to find the data, because it has not been stored where they believe it was stored. They spend time working out which is the most recent back up of their data, because they haven’t organised their back ups methodically. They retrieve files successfully only to find that, when they open a document, the contents have been corrupted. They discover, when it is too late, that they have not backed up their data properly.

Our approach to backing up your data is robust.  When we back up your data, you will be able to access it again when you need it.

3 – You can protect your data when you have an IT disaster

One day you will experience an IT disaster. Someone will spill coffee in the server. Your office will be flooded or worse.  An employee will make a catastrophic error that damages your IT system. 

We will step in to help you to recover from the disaster. We will help to restore your IT systems in just a few hours. That’s because business resilience and IT stability strategies are built into our ways of working.  We will be preparing to deal with the disaster you hope will never happen from the time we start working with you, so that when it does, it will be relatively easy to deal with.

IT Support And Your Company

Think of the time it would take you and your staff, if you had to:

  • back up all your work either every day or every week
  • regularly retrieve data from your archives in the cloud or on your servers
  • make sure you have IT disaster recovery plans in place.

We will save you money by managing your IT backup system for you. We will save you time, so that your staff can focus on enhancing your profits.  In short, our professional approach to IT back up will help your business to succeed.

Want to know more?

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