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The 3 big IT challenges facing SMEs

By Francis West on 9th February 2016


Not that long ago, but a lifetime in terms of technological development, many SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises) considered IT as just another piece of office equipment, like the photocopier. Nowadays, however, technology is an integral part of everything they do, and something they simply can’t do without.


As the importance of business technology to SMEs has escalated, so have the challenges it presents. Here are three key IT issues that SMEs need to address if they are to reap the full rewards a high-performing IT system can bring.


1. Maximising return on investment


With such a vast array of technology on offer, it’s hard for an SME to know what will be the most cost-effective way forward. Any IT systems must justify the initial financial outlay and the time and money spent on its subsequent upkeep. Costs for future upgrades need to be factored in, as does the time taken to fix problems and the loss of productivity caused by any breaks in service.


There’s a lot at stake. But taking expert advice on new purchases, streamlining upgrades and pre-empting repairs will help to boost your system’s RoI.


2. Minimising downtime


A sudden, unexpected IT failure can be catastrophic for an SME. From employee productivity to customer service, it is essential to maintain the smooth and efficient running of all aspects of the business all of the time.


A simple IT problem can wreak havoc if it is allowed to do so. Unreliable networks, inaccessible data, inadequate antivirus software... all can bring a business to its knees in a matter of hours.


Waiting for a problem to occur before fixing it, therefore, is a very high risk strategy. Taking a proactive approach and preventing IT problems happening in the first place is the best way to ensure your business never experiences a loss of momentum.


3. Guaranteeing security


An organisation’s IT security is only as strong as its weakest link. With new technology coming onto the market at a relentless rate, keeping up with the changing IT landscape and the threat it presents, can be very challenging. Cloud technology, for example, is a great opportunity for SMEs, but security worries often prevent businesses making full use of its possibilities.


Maintaining across-the-board protection for your systems means keeping one step ahead of the ongoing flow of new security threats. This requires an unrelenting, determined response and specialist expertise.


SMEs are the engines of economic growth across the UK, and IT is the fuel that powers their success. With the right technology and the best IT support, SMEs will prosper to become the larger, successful companies of  tomorrow.


WESTTEK can make sure you seize the full opportunity of IT in your business. We know that IT is not an end in itself, it is there to boost your productivity, improve your service and win you more business. With our help, your IT systems will be a dynamic powerhouse, supporting your organisation at every stage of its operation. 


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