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Staff blaming IT Systems for non-performance?

By Francis West on 2nd February 2016


Issues surrounding your employees’ interaction with technology do not stop once your IT equipment has been selected and installed. You may think everything is working wonderfully well with your business systems, but times change, technology evolves and employees can soon begin to feel that IT systems that were once a boon are now a barrier that gets in the way of their work.


Technology is an essential part of most employees working life. So how  can you make sure your staff are happy with your IT systems?


Keep your IT systems up-to-date


As well as across-the-board upgrades, new features will need to be added over time to ensure your technology is keeping pace with the changing demands of the modern workplace.


Desktop hardware, such as PCs, printers and networking equipment, can be superseded in a just few years. Without either replacing the equipment or upgrading specific parts, a single piece of outdated hardware can cause a bottle-neck in your organisation’s workflow, and create unnecessary frustration among your staff.


New advances may come along that could dramatically enhance the performance of your workforce. For example, your staff may be struggling with the storage and transfer of large amounts of data, when all it takes to overcome these difficulties is the implementation of cloud technology.


Nothing is more changeable in the sphere of business technology than the risk to your security. New online threats emerge each day, and keeping one step ahead of these threats with effective antivirus software is essential for employees to be able to carry out their work effectively.


Keep your employees up to speed


As changes are made to update your IT infrastructure, your employees will need help to adjust to any new developments. This requires IT training to be an ongoing part of each employee’s day-to-day activity.


Existing employees will need continual refresher courses. Instead of waiting while they struggle in silence with unfamiliar hardware and software, regular training gives them an opportunity to develop new expertise and polish up old skills that may have gone rusty over time. Of course, not all employees will need ongoing training, but even the most tech-savvy staff will benefit from receiving answers to their queries.


When new employees join the organisation, they should be offered comprehensive training in any IT systems they will be using. This can be overwhelming, so it is wise to prioritise training and spread it out over a longer period of time.


Ensuring that each individual has the right equipment and the right know-how to carry out their work in the most efficient and effective way possible, is an ongoing and specialist task.


At WESTTEK, we understand that every employee has a role to play, and every role involves a personal interaction with your company’s IT. We have the technical expertise, the tailored products and the specialist services to keep your technology operating at peak performance and your employees keen to embrace the full potential of your IT systems. 


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