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Slow Internet costing me money?

By Francis West on 9th November 2015

Is your internet connection behind the times?


The modern business environment relies on being seamlessly interconnected. Individuals communicate via a company network, which reaches across the internet to suppliers’ and customers’ networks, allowing data to be transferred without delay or interruption. But what happens when your technology lags behind the others in this interconnected world?


An internet connection that was cutting-edge a few years ago may not be appropriate for the challenges of today and tomorrow. An effective internet connection must be able to handle the systems and processes that will drive a business forward, not just now, but in the years to come.


Be ready to exploit new innovations


More business is completed online than ever before, and the recent shift to more cloud enabled technology are opening up new possibilities all the time. The cloud enables organisations to store vast amounts of data and dispersed teams to work collaboratively on shared documents. But without a high-performance internet connection, the benefits that this technology enables will be seriously curtailed.


The one thing you can depend on with modern technology is that it will change – and, at the moment, the internet is the driving force behind this change. By optimising your internet connection, you will be in a position to take advantage of new developments as they become available to your business.


Along more sophisticated computer programs, operating systems and security measures come a greater frequency and complexity of software updates. Successfully downloading and installing this never-ending flow of critical updates requires high-speed, fail-safe internet access. Without it, you would be putting your IT system, and your business, at risk.


Make sure you are up to speed


Whether creating, sharing, uploading or downloading, the way we work nowadays is almost entirely internet-based. As more use is made of the cloud, and as standards and expectations rise, you need to act now to stop your internet connection becoming a data bottleneck.  


The first thing to consider is the requirements of your business. Where is your business going in the next five or so years? Who will be using the internet and what for? How much data will be sent and received each month? Understanding your present and future needs allows you to determine what will be a suitable connection for your business. Telephone systems are becoming more and more internet dependent too, so this needs to be considered when looking at your connectivity.


A relatively light user may get by with a basic broadband or entry-level fibre connection. An organisation with high data usage requiring fast download speeds may be better suited to a high-end fibre connection or leased line. Robust, resilient and with assured high speeds, leased lines are great for businesses where a quality connection is critical.  Major metropolitan areas are also being enabled with wireless internet connectivity, bringing better connectivity to those who cannot get wired connections.


At WESTTEK, we take a bespoke approach to optimising your internet connection. We have the expertise to deliver a high quality business-class connection that will form a vital part of your business infrastructure. Get in touch now to discover how a better connection can transform how your business makes use of the internet.

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