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IT support companies says "It's not our responsibility"

By Francis West on 2nd December 2015


Your business is built around technology to deliver high performance and productivity with effortless efficiency – until something goes wrong. Maybe it’s the internet connection that has gone down, or data that has disappeared without trace or it might be a bug in the office mainframe.


So you call your IT support company. But, instead of getting the rapid solution you want, you get fobbed off by someone passing the blame onto someone, or something else? The dead internet connection is blamed on a network issue; the missing data is blamed on user error; and the mainframe glitch is blamed on anything from a faulty power supply to the weather conditions!


Where’s the support?


You have paid for your IT support, but no one is prepared to actually take responsibility and fix the problem. Some IT support companies’ main purpose seems to be to pass the buck. When you have dedicated support for a particular product, such as a piece of software, a call for help is usually met with a response that is primarily focused on finding out if the problem is actually related to their product or something else.


When (and it usually is a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’) they find something else to blame for the problem – such as the hardware the software is running on, or other software running on the same machine – the buck has been passed and their work is done. The most you can expect to get from them is the phone number of the manufacturer of the ‘real’ cause of the problem. And when you ring them – you guessed it – they pass the buck right back to the software vendor.


Navigating the minefield of this so-called support is time-consuming and exasperating. While they are evading responsibility, you are experiencing potentially catastrophic disruption to your IT systems. So what’s the alternative?


We don’t play the blame game


At WESTTEK we have eliminated blame culture. We know that your time is precious and that one minute’s downtime is one minute too long. So we engage with 3rd party suppliers on your behalf, giving you one-stop IT support that gets your problem fixed, whatever the cause.


One call to us and we will take ownership of the problem, either dealing with it ourselves or by working with the 3rd party supplier to resolve it. We speak their language and can get to the root cause of a problem without being fobbed off. We simplify your processes to save you time and money and we take a proactive approach that tackles potential problems before they even occur.


The buck stops with us – not the suppliers, the equipment, the software or the users – to give you a single point of contact for all your IT issues, which significantly improves resolution times. You can’t win when you take part in the blame game, and you can’t lose when you partner with WESTTEK.

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