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Don't ever settle for second-rate IT support

By Francis West on 18th August 2015


It starts with a breakdown in communication. You only talk when something is wrong and even then, there always seems to be an excuse for why they didn’t call or come and see you when you needed them. Soon, instead of looking towards a successful future together, you feel stuck in a rut.


The relationship with your IT provider does not always live up to initial expectations. Nevertheless, many businesses would rather continue paying for second-rate IT support than look for something new. They fear the costs and disruption a messy breakup could bring.


Changing your IT support provider is not as disruptive and stressful as you may think. It’s easy, and very worthwhile when you are switching to someone who can really provide the level of attention you need. So, if you are experiencing any of the following, rather than thinking ‘better the devil you know’, think ‘ditch the deadweight’ and find someone new.


You’ve outgrown them


In the years since you hired your IT support provider, your business may have gone from strength to strength, expanding in terms of its personnel, the type of work being taken on and the tools being used to carry it out. But if your provider has not grown its level of support to match your changing circumstances, it will lack the resources needed to assist a business of your scale. In this case, it is essential to end the relationship quickly, and find an IT support company capable of handling your growing needs.


There are no long-term plans


Even if your support provider is coming to the rescue each time there’s a problem, if your work is being regularly interrupted it suggests that they are not tackling the root cause of your problem. Switching to support that has your long-term interests in mind will result in fewer call-outs and less downtime.


You feel ignored


If you get excuses rather than solutions, it sounds like your outsourced IT support no longer feels the need to impress you. A quick, effective response is the key requirement of IT support, and if you are not receiving it, whatever excuses they give you, perhaps it’s time to find someone who can ensure you are always at the front of the queue.


They won’t try anything new


Business technology never stands still, and your IT support company must be dynamic enough to keep you ahead of the game. This doesn’t mean investing in every new  gadget that comes on the market, but it does mean being made aware of possible opportunities and having expert advice on hand when you need it. So if your provider is letting your IT systems stagnate, it’s probably time for a change.


With WESTTEK, you get the personal attention you deserve. While protecting your data, improving your uptime and reducing your support calls, we also help you plan for the future and keep your evolving IT infrastructure optimised. So don't settle for substandard support any longer. Call WESTTEK now +44 203 195 0555 or email us please at Together we’ll make the perfect partnership.


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