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Preparing Recruiters For the Technology Of The Future

By Francis West on 12th November 2018
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The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) is an organisation dedicated to providing a voice for the recruitment sector and membership to the organisation has become a recognised badge of quality for professional recruiters. Originally founded to represent recruitment agencies operating within the IT sector, APSCo has a profound understanding of the integral role technology plays within the employment market and its role as a tool for the recruitment industry. 

As one of the services ASPCo provides to members, a number of Forums have been set up with the aim of bringing together professionals and experts with similar interests and responsibilities. Headed by key players in the relevant fields, the forums meet twice a year so members can hear about the latest issues surrounding their area of interest. 

Westtek Solutions is a technology support partner to a number of independent recruitment agencies and has been a supplier member to APSCo for the past two years. Westtek CEO, Francis West has been directly involved with APSCo through his previous role since 2010 and overall has twenty-five years experience within the field of technology. A winner of the South African Business Innovation award, through building his own business and providing the IT support network for others seeking to establish or grow their own businesses, he has a comprehensive understanding of the various cyber challenges SMEs face. In January this year, Francis was appointed co-chair for the Technology Leadership Forum, alongside Anthony Cummings, Director of Infrastructure and Operations at Frank Recruitment Group

Speaking of Francis’s appointment, Ann Swain, Chief Executive Officer of APSCo said: 

Francis is widely recognised as a leader in the technology field specifically within recruitment and has worked with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups through to such global names as Randstat. Members have always found him highly knowledgeable and passionate about IT and cyber-oriented matters and keen to share that knowledge and passion. As such, when the position of co-chair became available, he was the obvious choice and we were delighted when he agreed. – Ann Swain, CEO, APSCo.

The Technology Leadership forum brings together IT Directors and Managers with IT responsibilities to provide helpful information on the latest trends in technology and technology-related topics. This includes topics as diverse as cybersecurity, compliance, and the role of Artificial Intelligence and Automation and the potential effects these will have on the recruitment industry.  

IT is such a fast-moving sector things are changing all the time. I’ve been in IT for over twenty years and the landscape has changed beyond all recognition, and as time goes by it evolves ever faster. That’s why forums such as this are such a great resource for ASPCo members. I’m delighted to have been asked to co-chair with Anthony so we can share all the key on-trend issues affecting businesses, specifically recruitment businesses that rely so heavily on their IT infrastructure.  – Francis West, Westtek IT CEO.

In March’s meeting, Francis and Anthony were joined by Daniel Fox, CMO of Microdec to discuss the hot topic of the impact of GDPR, delivering practical steps members could take to ensure their software, data and processes are GDPR compliant. In addition, Adam Dale, Sales Director at SourceBreaker, discussed the buzz surrounding automation in recruitment, including the key emerging technology trends and the impact they are likely to have on recruiter’s day-to-day function. The topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was raised, including the controversial question as to whether or not it will replace recruiters in the future. Francis says:

The APSCo IT forum is an ideal place for these important topics to be raised – there are so many concerns surrounding IT these days – the threat from automation, what will AI really mean for recruiters, what is the latest cyber threat and how can we protect ourselves from malicious attacks – these are questions I run into every day. Being a key part of this forum gives me the opportunity to share the knowledge and experience I have of IT and having worked specifically within the recruitment sector for many years I’m in an ideal position to give back some of that knowledge to people who can really use it.

If you’re a business owner looking for a technology success partner to provide integrated proactive IT support solutions, helping you maximising productivity, and increasing the effectiveness and lifespan of systems, get in touch with Westtek Solutions on 020 3195 0555.