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5 Ways Cloud Computing Can Help To Streamline The Recruitment Process

By Francis West on 4th July 2014

Every one in your office has a lot to do. Every one is looking to fit more into the working day. Finding ways to streamline the recruitment process would help you to work more efficiently. Using cloud computing IT solutions could be the answer.

Streamline The Recruitment Process – Work More Productively 

If you’ve ever sat at your computer ready to send a file to a client and realised that you’re not sure if you’ve got the most up-to-date version of the document to hand, you’ll know just how much time can be spent confirming which is the right version to send out. Perhaps you have to ring another office. Perhaps you have to check which versions of the file your colleagues have been working on. Maybe you also need to check details within the document just to be sure it still says what you thought it said.

If your documents are stored in the cloud, you’ll know which version is the most recent. You’ll know which one you edited last. You’ll know if, and when, your colleagues have made amendments, too. You’ll be more confident that you send people the correct files because your cloud-based system signposts you to them.

Streamline The Recruitment Process – Respond Faster 

If you’re able to find all the documents you need to do your job easily, you’ll be able to respond faster.

Getting CVs out to clients is an important task because clients with vacancies want them filled quickly. Good candidates want speedy action, too. They can become impatient if they don’t think you’re putting them forward for the right vacancies quickly enough. If that happens, they could decide to ring one of your competitors.

Every one wants things done immediately these days. Use cloud-based solutions and you’ll be able to deal with vacancies and with candidates faster. You’ll be more likely to meet every one’s expectations, too.

Streamline The Recruitment Process – Work More Securely

Do you have a memory stick in your briefcase?  Do you move candidates’ information around from your laptop to your office’s IT systems, or from your laptop to someone else’s tablet computer, via a memory stick?  It’s easy, isn’t it? It’s also easy to drop a memory stick, to lose it or to have it stolen.

Your agency has made commitments to candidates and to clients under the Data Protection Act. How would you feel, if you were the one responsible for leaking sensitive information about your clients or candidates? What might such a breach of security cost your agency in terms of reputation, damages or fines? 

Don’t take the risk. Store that sensitive data in the cloud. Information is easier to access that way.  It’s safer in the cloud, too.

Streamline The Recruitment Process – Be More Professional

Have you ever had to ask a client or a candidate to send something over to you for a second time?  It doesn’t matter how plausible your excuse is. When you make your request, you inconvenience your client and you diminish people’s trust in your capabilities.

Use cloud computing IT solutions, and you know that all your information is stored in a well-ordered manner away from your office. You also have a back-up copy of your files held locally in your office. That means you should be able to locate what you need. Your cloud computing systems will help you to create a more professional image of yourself and of your agency, because you are more professional. 

Streamline The Recruitment Process – Benefit From More Computer Uptime

At Westtek we’re passionate about computer uptime. We know that if you’re able to access the internet and the material you have stored in the cloud throughout every working day, you will benefit. Every one in the office will benefit. There will be no frustrations and annoyance about not being able to get on with tasks because you can’t access data.

If you want to streamline the recruitment process, making sure that your IT systems are helping your people to succeed rather than standing in their way is probably the simplest and potentially the most rewarding task to work on.  That’s why cloud computing is good for your business.

… Finally

Recruiters often think of IT support and cloud computing as technical issues. They’re not. Use cloud-based IT systems and you will streamline the recruitment process in lots of ways. As a result you’re likely to get more business and make more profit.


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