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  • 86%
    86% Reduction in support calls
  • £1895
    Savings per employee per annum
  • Double
    Double the lifespan of your computer systems
  • Carmichael UK
    Westtek continually assesses the development opportunities for IT enhancements, ensuring we are constantly improving our infrastructure.Jennifer Cook, Carmichael UK
  • Autotech Group Ltd
    The support from the team at Westtek, is always swift, informative and most importantly the right fix, first time. Gavin White, Autotech Group Ltd
  • T.F.Tull
    The Westtek team have transformed our productivity with a number of cloud based solutions and support plans.Iain Link, T.F.Tull Ltd.
  • Westtek has dramatically cut down the occurrences of IT issues as a result of the on-going weekly updates and monitoring.
    Westtek has dramatically cut down the occurrences of IT issues as a result of the on-going weekly updates and monitoring.Darrel Samson, Premview Properties Ltd

Are You Suffering?

As businesses evolve, their requirements grow and this invariably leads to growing pains, particularly where I.T. systems are concerned.  We’ll show you we value your productivity as much as you do and prove why we are the technology success partner of choice to the recruitment sector. 

Recognise any of the pain points highlighted in the cycle to the right? Let's talk!

  • Start Up

    As businesses evolve, requirements grow invariably leads to growing pains, particularly with I.T. systems. We’ll show you we value your productivity as much as you do and prove why we are the technology success partner of choice to the recruitment sector. 

  • Growing

    Congratulations! You've grown! That means an increase in I.T. requirements and usually then assistance is needed to support your systems. Often, a supplier is chosen on cost and support is delivered on an ad-hoc basis. This typically results in little or no strategic support or advice and lack of consistent maintenance of the I.T. becomes a pain!

  • Ready

    Once your business has become dependent on its I.T. systems, it can’t tolerate downtime. It's time to review your suppliers. You know the pain of unfocused I.T. support so will appreciate a Managed Services partner that delivers pro-active advice, pro-active maintenance and support as appropriate to your needs.

How much can Westtek save me?

That depends on what you have and what you need. It’s estimated UK businesses lose a whole day in productivity every month as a direct result of I.T. issues. We always carry out an initial discovery prior to embarking on a partnership, ascertaining your requirements first before confirming appropriate services and associated costs. The calculator below will give you a good ‘ball park’ idea of the savings you’ll be making by improving your uptime.


  • Average Staff Salary K)

  • Number of Employees ()

  • IT Downtime per Week (hr)

£1,540 per employee
  • Westtek can save you £ each year
  • £ for systems not working
  • £ for training needs

No moreheadaches

  • I have been working with Westtek for the past 5 years and they have provided exceptional support and service for both my speaking and internet marketing business. I would recommend them to any business in terms of value for money and spectacular results.

    Frank Furness, Frank Furness Frank Furness, Frank Furness
  • ‘The Westtek team have transformed our productivity with a number of cloud based solutions and support plans. Support calls are always dealt with quickly and with the highest level of technical expertise. Thank you Westtek.'

    Iain Link, T.F.Tull Ltd. Iain Link, T.F.Tull Ltd.
  • Westtek has been supporting us for the past year and we are very pleased with the service they provide often at very short notice and on occasions out of hours. Nothing is too much trouble for Francis, Stuart and the team.

    Sue Evans, Elite Leaders Sue Evans, Elite Leaders
  • Like many Schools, we have endured many changes in the past few years. Westtek has assisted us, professionally at every turn - working to help control our costs and to ensure our network and data are always available and protected. I find their service to be professional, reliable and I highly recommend them as an excellent Technical Support organization.

    Ray Brooks, York House School Ray Brooks, York House School
  • Carmichael UK engaged the services of Westtek 4 years ago and their first task was to overhaul a complex but slow and unstable IT system which was causing issues on a regular basis. At the outset we liked the way that Westtek took the time to understand the scope of the project, listening properly and patiently to our requirements. Their proposal for the work was realistic in terms of timescales and clear in setting out what was required and exactly how much that would cost. When we engaged their service for the project we found that Westtek do what they say they will do. Our Westtek IT solution is sturdy and secure with the capacity to expand in line with the growth of our company. Westtek continue to work with us monitoring, backing up, and trouble-shooting where required. We can rely on them to be proactive towards identifying potential issues and ensuring that we continue to get the best performance from our system. We have found the service from Westtek to be reliable, cost effective and knowledgeable and we would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.

    Rod Carmichael - Director, CarmichaelUK Rod Carmichael - Director, CarmichaelUK

Client benefits

How does Westtek’s approach help me?

Westtek Solutions approach to service is simple: we offer professional, practical advice in a transparent and direct manner. Our team delivers strategic advice and expert guidance on all aspects of your I.T. systems and networks with simple cost calculators that allow you to plan and budget for your requirements.

Our clients benefit from having an experienced, forward-thinking team that is passionate about all things I.T. related, which is able to think creatively to deliver the right support and which is genuinely dedicated to giving you the best service you’ll find in this industry. Through Westtek, you will benefit from:

  • 86%

    Your support calls reduced by up to 86%

    Monday Night is Maintenance Night! Through weekly maintenance, we will reduce your requirement for support calls by 86% within the first 3 months of contract.

  • £1,589

    Saving £1,589 per employee

    Employers lose a whole day’s productivity per employee per month because of I.T. issues. Add time lost due to lack of knowledge as to how to make full use of the technology at hand. We'll reduce these costs through on-going training.

  • Speed

    Increase the lifespan of your computer equipment

    We detox your systems, removing unnecessary software, add-ons, plug-ins and optional extras that slow down your computers significantly increasing their speed and their lifespan.

  • Invest

    Invest in the future of your company

    We will help you grow your company by reducing downtime and increasing productivity. We’re here to help you with strategic business-focused solutions. We guarantee we’ll never recommend spending money on unnecessary technology.

How much will it cost me?

Most businesses need to spend between 6 and 8 percent of their total wage bill to keep their IT running effectively.  This includes purchasing and ongoing support of the infrastructure. With a consistent lack of investment, the spend will have to increase to catch up the deficit at some point.  In our experience, it costs a lot less to maintain systems correctly than to keep replacing them as they become unreliable and slow down.
What will it cost me per annum to purchase, manage and maintain my systems?
  • Number of Servers ()

  • Number of Major Applications ()

  • Number of Users ()

Video blog

How to save 15 minutes per employee per day

IT Support Services

  • Proactive

    Servers, PC’s and laptops are cleaned and updated every Monday night.

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Server Monitoring

    Errors are detected and repaired 24x7, avoiding disrupting your work day.

  • Remote and Telephone Support

    We resolve your issues quickly and cost effectively using our leading edge remote management tools.

  • IT Disaster

    Disaster recovery solutions focused on getting you up and running as soon as possible.

  • Backup

    We check your backups continuously, fixing issues where necessary.

  • Security

    We manage your internal and external data security with proven AntiVirus and Firewall solutions.

  • Managed

    We provide fail over internet connectivity with the correct bandwidth for your business requirements.

  • Office

    Microsoft’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offering , delivering online Office, Email and Collaboration tools.

  • Hosted

    Centrally managed desktops available from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Email

    Delivering email compliance, full search functionality, 100% email uptime and secure mailboxes.

  • Hosted

    Fully featured mailbox in the cloud, accessible from anywhere, anytime.

  • Project

    We deliver fixed price projects using professional PRINCE2 methodologies.

Westtek Redefining IT Support

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