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UK’s ‘Greasy Spoons’ Enlisted to Help Tradespeople to Get Online

By Francis West on 11th May 2016

Prompted by research showing that UK Tradespeople need help to get online and boost their business online, UK domain registrar Nominet has enlisted help the form of ‘Bacon and Web Cafés’ to get the word out and provide support.

Techie Brekkie?

A Computer Weekly article highlighted the unusual tale of how Nominet is reaching out to tradespeople who need to get their first website by setting up ‘Bacon and Web Cafés’ around the UK starting with Old Street in London, soon to be followed by more in Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester later in the year.

What’s In It For Nominet?

Nominet is launching a new .uk domain campaign which could see plenty of sign-ups from a large UK business sector that has lagged behind in its adoption of all things technical including websites.

Research Shows Tradespeople Need to Get Online

Research by Nominet and the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) concur in terms of the identification of an opportunity for tradespeople to significantly boost their business by getting their own website. According to Nominet it could mean £16,500 extra per year from an average of 21 extra jobs for tradespeople who get their business online.

Having their own website advertising their own services, testimonials, details and photos of jobs / projects could help individual tradespeople to compete more effectively in a world where customers now use Google searches and comparison website like Checkatrade.

Lack of Knowledge

Nominet’s own research showed that nearly a quarter of respondents would like to set up a website but didn’t know how, and 10% or respondents feared the cost of doing so. It is therefore thought that this simple lack of knowledge is the main reason why 51% painters and decorators for example have no website and 48% of cleaners have no web presence at all.

Nominet’s scheme to impart the necessary knowledge and promote its services via cafes is therefore thought to be an effective and headline-grabbing way to spread the digital word in a real world, non threatening setting.

What Could This Mean For Your Business?

For tradespeople who are helped by the scheme it could clearly mean the likelihood of getting more business in a way that is more flexible and less costly than traditional paper based advertising.

If you run a web company, Nominet’s research could have provided you with an opportunity to find your own inventive way to target a largely untapped market of tradespeople in your area e.g. advertising at popular indoor and outdoor food outlets.