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Sage 50 Users Locked Out by Windows 10 Update.

By Francis West on 6th October 2016
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Many users of Sage 50 accounting software have been left frustrated this week by a Windows 10 update that left them unable to access Sage.

What Happened?

The problem with many Sage 50 accounts occurred after installation of the Windows Anniversary Update. Many (not all) Sage 50 users were then faced with an error message on login which indicated which told them that they either had an invalid password or that the program was unable to register a data-source i.e. the program is indicated that the installation files had been damaged. The end result for users was that they were unable to access their accounts.

What Caused The Problem?

The indications appear once the Anniversary Update is installed, conflicting with .NET 3.5 (the framework that enables applications and web services to run). This meant that the Windows 10 disabled the framework, triggered the appropriate error messages Sage 50, and effectively locking users out.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

If you are one of the Windows 10 and Sage 50 businesses affected by the problem it may be some comfort to know that Microsoft and Sage have been working on a solution to the problem, have published workarounds (click here), and a method of resolving the issue (shown below) has been posted on the Sage website as follows:

  1. Click the download link here.
    Depending on your browser, the file downloads automatically or you're prompted to open or save the file. If prompted, click Save, then save the file to your Windows desktop. If you receive a message asking you to keep or discard the file, click Keep.

  2. Double-click the downloaded file.

  3. When you receive the message 'Press any key to exit', press any key.

  4. Restart your computer then open Sage Accounts.

Obviously, the best advice is to refer to the Sage website.

There is also a link to click on the Sage website that you can follow for more instructions if the problem persists. Just as with the recent issues caused by the HP printer update, this issue illustrates how updates can sometimes bring unforeseen problems as well as improvements.

The important thing for businesses to remember is that large issues caused by updates are few and far between and avoiding updates can mean that you can miss out on vital security update that could protect your business from the effects of a costly and disruptive attack by cyber criminals e.g. hacking and the theft of the valuable, sensitive and personal data of your customers and staff.