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Innovative New Presentation Software Product From PowerPoint Rival Prezi

By Francis West on 9th June 2016

A recent article has highlighted how the latest presentation software offering from 7 year old start up software company Prezi could provide an exciting and effective alternative to other leading presentation packages such as Microsoft’s PowerPoint.

Live Presentation and Analytics

‘Prezi Business’ is the somewhat practical name for a product that enables users to present their ideas in a way that is more ‘conversational’, more flexible, more visual and storytelling-oriented (and therefore very engaging), more collaborative and data-driven, and far removed from the old bullet point style, linear slideshow of the past.

Some of the key features that make this presentation product so different from packages that many business users may have used before are:

  • A zoomable / ‘infinite’ canvas which enables you to plot all the many components of a presentation.

  • The ability to present remotely / over the Web.

  • Real-time collaboration.

  • Engagement analytics to help show the effectiveness, improve presentations, and provide marketing information.

  • Leaderboards.

  • Slack Integration

Designed For Millennials

Another big advantage that Prezi may have is that many of the so-called ‘Millennial’ generation who are now working in the business and professional worlds are likely to have used Prezi while they were students. True to their business focus and highly targeted approach to product development, Prezi are reported to have designed Prezi Business around the experiences and expectations of the Millennials who make up a large part of their 75 million user base.

The Latest of Several Innovations

Prezi Business is the latest of several innovative offerings from the company over the last year which have included ‘Mobile Presenting’ which enables real-time presentations from smartphones to 30 people in different locations, and a photo animating app called ‘Nutshell’.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Prezi Business could enable your business to not only get your marketing messages across in a more effective way but to use presentations in a smarter and more collaborative way thus gaining more leverage from them and gaining information that could provide a source of competitive advantage.

If, as the CEO of Prezi Peter Arvai says, the software is “a more effective tool for convincing an audience” this can only be a good thing. Adopting this software could of course mean that you will need to learn a new interface i.e. there will be a training requirement.

Prezi Business does however come with pre-existing templates to help you to get started, and Prezi does offer training to companies as part of the offering. For more information visit: