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Free Security Scanner For Your IoT Devices Unveiled

By Francis West on 9th June 2016

Nestled among all of the speculation about the future opportunities and possibilities that the Internet of Things (IoT) has generated has been one very important concern - how can we protect our devices from today’s hackers?

Anti-malware and mobile security company BullGuard believe they have a ‘world first’ answer in the form of an IoT Security Scanner that can tell us which of our connected IoT / smart devices could be vulnerable to hackers.

Research Confirmed a Need

Bullguard’s research of over 6,000 consumers revealed real concern about the security of connected devices and a lack of knowledge about how to protect them.

For example, 66% of survey respondents said they are highly concerned about the security of connected devices and yet a massive 72% said they simply didn’t know how to secure them properly. With over 25% of the research respondents saying that despite these concerns they still intended to buy more smart devices over the next year, the need for an effective IoT / smart device security system not only exists but is likely to increase.

What Is It ... and What Does It Do?

BullGuard’s IoT Scanner is a web-based application available on any platform and all major browsers.

Visiting and clicking on the orange button allows you to check if your internet-connected devices at home are accessible to the public on Shodan (a search engine for the Internet of Thing) and therefore whether they are vulnerable to hackers.

If one of your smart devices is flagged as being vulnerable, details about the specific security issues are provided.

An email report of scan results can also be used to help diagnose problems and users can share notifications of successful scans with friends and family to encourage them to protect their own smart devices.

The website also allows you to download a free consumer guide to the IoT and IoT security (as a pdf). See:

What Kind of Smart Devices?

The kinds of smart devices that can be scanned include security cameras, baby monitors, Smart TVs and wearables.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

So many of us are now buying devices for mobile use or for use in the home and / or workplace that have a smart element to them / are connected to the Internet, that we now have many more possible security vulnerabilities around us that we are not fully aware of.

Combine this fact with the large numbers of us who work from home or use BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) at our workplace and the scale of this growing potential problem becomes apparent. This free and easy to use scanner could therefore be used to plug an often overlooked gap in our business cyber security defences and raise awareness about the issue at the same time.